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  News / Announcements

CMA CGM OPAL V259/4042 28 Nov 14
70% of the imports have discharged off this vessel. Please check the import watch list.

MSC MT's 26 Nov 14
As of Thursday 27/11/14 please return all 40ft empties to the depot. As from first thing Friday morning 28/11 please accept 40’ containers into Flinders Terminal as per paperwork the MSC Claudia FF448R against booking number 006TA68997.

Christmas Working Hours 06 Nov 14
Please download the PDF for the Christmas and New Year terminal working hours.

Terminal Access Card 14 Oct 14
Dear Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal User,
As of Monday the 1st December 2014, all truck drivers requiring access to the Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal will require a Flinders Ports photo identification access card to gain entry to the Terminal.

If you have any enquiries, please contact the undersigned.

Kind regards
Lisa Partington
Executive Assistant / Corporate Administration Manager
Flinders Port Holdings
Tel: +61 8 8447 0621 |Mob: 0412 830 949 |Fax: +61 8 8447 0660
email: partington.lisa@flindersports.com.au

 security letter for FACT transport companies.pdf
 Application Form - Access Card for Container Terminal.pdf

The empty Depot hours are 07:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.
Contact details are 08 8248 9315 or email empties.adelaide@flindersact.com.au

  Security Level

This Terminal is currently operating under Maritime Security Level 1. There are no restrictions.

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Efficiency Gains On The Horizon For Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal Customers

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