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  News / Announcements

Saturday Terminal Operations 20/4 18 Apr 19
Saturday Confirmed. Slots available to pick up through the VBS

MUA Picnic Day 2019 02 Apr 19
Please note MUA Picnic Day will be Monday December 2nd

All Landside Ops will be closed over this period, Vessel Ops will continue in a limited capacity.

Depot- MSK de-hires 04 Mar 19
Please be advised the depot will only accept MSK de-hires if the DO states Flinders. All containers must be directed to the correct place of return.

Container Direction 24 Oct 18
Please ensure you are booking the container door direction corrrectly, we are turning containers regularly that are loaded as per the booking.

NEW Online Customer Portal 20 Aug 18

  Security Level

This Terminal is currently operating under Maritime Security Level 1. There are no restrictions.

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